Monday, June 18, 2007

How Edwards' Wife is Depicted Positively in Press

Today's New York Times has a glowing portrait of Edward's wife Elizabeth by Adam Nagourney.

The article includes these words:

"Mrs. Edwards has always been a dominant figure in Mr. Edwards’ political life; the news that she has been diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer has also made her a riveting figure in her own right, and her swing through Iowa produced moments that broke the mold of traditional behavior for political spouses."

Is it the fact that she has been diagnosed with incurable cancer, which the couple announced publicly a few months back, that makes Elizabeth's forthrightness,outspokenness and willingness to speak her opinion, so palatable to the press and the public? Usually if a candidate's wife speaks out too much, she is derided (remember Theresa Heinz?). Does the awareness that she has cancer make people have sympathy for her instead of being threatened by this smart, strong lady? Perhaps it is this fact, combined with her maternal look along the lines of Barbara Bush, not a threatening, vixen appearance.

How is the press portraying her as compared to the outspoken Mrs. Obama?

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