Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dowd spins Hillary video negatively....

Of course Maureen Dowd comes up today with a negative spin on Hillary's Soprano's parody.

Though I think Hillary seems very relaxed in the video, and to be enjoying herself, Dowd writes:

". . .as a rather wooden Hillary is about to announce her song choice to a loose and funny Bill, the screen suddenly goes dark." (And, well, how relaxed to we want our politicians to be on camera?)

The implication behind Dowd's words? Sure, Bill is charismatic and appealing but Hillary is no Bill. Dowd is undercutting Hillary's attempt to ride on Bill's charm.

And Dowd finds Hillary's ambition and power-seeking to be a negative thing, which isn't surprising because women are each other's harshest critics. Dowd writes, "And like Tony, Hillary is so power-hungry that she can justify any thuggish means to get the prize."

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