Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Biased question hypothetically asked of Hillary by NYTimes

A short piece in today's New York Times on Hillary's Soprano spoof video ends with these words:

"But it raises the question: Does she have to depend on her supporting actor, Mr. Clinton, to be successful?"

True, this video has a cameo role for her husband, Bill, and he recently appeared in another Internet video explaining to people what they might not know about the woman he has known well for 35 years, how she has always worked for children's rights, traveled around the world bearing diplomacy as first lady, etc. etc., just as Hillary had explained to voters what they might not know about Bill when he ran for President (including that he grew up in a house with an outhouse). So, sure, Hillary is using Bill and his personal magnetism to speak out to voters. But the other candidates are also relying on the appeal of their spouses, in their cases, their wives, to speak out publicly to drum up support: particularly Obama and Edwards. Why isn't this question so pointedly asked of them?

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