Thursday, February 14, 2008

Slight sexism in WSJ coverage today of Clinton

It seems no coverage of Hillary Clinton can appear without being tainted by some sexism. Today a WSJ article is balanced until the end, which reads, "All day yesterday, the Clinton and Obama campaigns traded barbs via emails to the press. Mrs. Clinton stayed on the stump, wearing her trademark yellow jacket and a sunny disposition, while the campaign song blaring here, in Spanish, was "Estos Celos," or 'This Jealousy.'"

Note two things: first, there's no description of what Obama has been wearing on the stump, though Hillary's outfit is detailed, and second, "jealousy" would not be attributed to a man, it's an emotion that is gendered female. It's kind of like the image of Tracy Flick, the wanna-be high school president from the movie Election that has had plastered on its home page in a video comparing Flick to Clinton. Men don't get jealous of competitors, they get angry, they fight, they battle to win. Jealousy is underhanded, secretive, it's one way people view angry women. Society would prefer to view strong women who are stymied as jealous rather than as angry.

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