Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why do the "Culture Makers" Want to Sugarcoat the Holocaust?

I read this post by Professor Ken Waltzer (one of the people whose research helped bring to light the fraudulent nature of Apples over the Fence, Director of Jewish Studies, Michigan State University, on Deborah Lipstadt's blog:

Waltzer: "This memoir was at the far end of implausibility, yet until yesterday, no one connected with packaging, promoting, and disseminating it asked question about or investigated it. Some actively resisted such investigation and tried to shut mine down."

"The idea of a prisoner autonomously going to the fence daily, every day, in a Nazi concentration camp and meeting a young girl at the guarded, electrified fence who was allegedly hiding under false identity with her family in the nearby village and who threw him food beggars the imagination. . . .

"So Herman and Roma overreached and actually demeaned their own Holocaust stories -- Herman forgot his brothers who kept him alive in the camps, Roma forgot her own remarkable and sad family story hiding not in Schlieben but elsewhere more than 200 miles away."

"But where were the culture makers on this one? What kind of questions did Penguin Berkley Press bring to bear regarding a memoir about a love story set in a concentration camp? What kind of strategy did Harris Salomon embrace to elevate a candy coated Holocaust love story to bring Holocaust education to Middle America? This was not Holocaust education but miseducation. Holocaust experience is not heartwarming, it is heart rending. All this shows something about the broad unwillingness in our culture to confront the difficult knowledge of the Holocaust. All the more important then to have real memoirs that tell of real experience in the camps. "

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dan said...

laura...i will tell you where the culture makers were on this! ask me.....i broke the story in the USA media singlehandedly....really......ask Gabe....and e,maoil me and ask me why and how i ditd did it..? KLEBOAR BOREK KEYBOARD BROKEN sorry......DANNY BLOOM danbkoo TUFts 18971