Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adolescent View of Women's Bodies also in Baby Mama

The male adolescent view that I mention in my Tribune piece (this Sunday's paper) also pervades Baby Mama.

There's the scene in which Amy Poehler's character talks to her new buddy, the doorman, about her menstrual cycle and fertility, saying how she was spotting, and thought it was her period, but she must have been ovulating, and that's how she got her period--she was kind of funny in her riff, but then he responded in the typical adolescent male way as the men in the Apatow movies do: oh, stop talking, that's too much information and disgusting.

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Dickard said...

The Judd Apatow attitude has gone too far. Sandler was dumb but you KNEW he was dumb. They act as if the 40 Year Old Virgin is smart entertainment. Guess's not.

Unfortunately even Tina Fey has to play along too.

Oh's progress of a type I suppose.

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