Monday, January 28, 2008

Why is Obama's Wife not Being Called out in Media for Wal-Mart-connections?

While the press is slamming Hillary Clinton for mentioning Rezko in the South Carolina debates, it has been silent on Obama's hypocrisy: two years ago his wife was re-elected to the board of Treehouse Foods, an Illinois food-processing company, and the biggest customer for the food produced by Treehouse Foods is Wal-Mart.

From the British paper, the Telegraph, in December 2007: "According to the couple's tax returns, Mrs Obama earned $51,200 for her work as a non-executive director on Treehouse's board last year, on top of the $271,618 salary she was paid as a vice-president of the University of Chicago Hospitals. She also received 7,500 Treehouse stock options, worth a further $72,375, as she did the previous year, when she banked a $45,000 salary from the company." (Link to the full Telegraph article.)

Knowing this, it's surprising that Obama took a shot at Hillary for her time serving on the board of Wal-Mart. Unless he correctly surmised that the media wouldn't call him out for his hypocrisy. Why does he get a free pass?

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